How to Stop a Dog from Digging – My Search for a Solution

How to Stop a Dog from Digging – My Search for a Solution

Hey friend…Isaac here.

I want to share some things I learned on my journey to discover how to stop a dog from digging.

If you have found this site, there is a good chance that you feel pretty discouraged right now, maybe even a bit hopeless with your dog or puppy at this very moment.

I understand how you feel because I’ve owned several dogs over the years, ranging from small dogs to a large dog, and I remember having those same feelings. I became the owner of each dog when they were just a puppy.

At one point, I remember feeling so stressed out that I was ready to give up.

But fortunately I realized that my own feelings of stress were causing the dogs to be stressed. I think a lot of the stress I felt was caused by my lack of knowledge and understanding at the time about obedience training, and the expectation I had for each dog to learn very quickly what I was trying to teach them.

You see each dog had a very distinct personality and only became what I call trained (i.e. pleasant to have around and pleasant to be around) after I truly made a commitment to teach them what I wanted them to know. I learned that my commitment would involve a sacrifice of both time and money.

It was at that point when I became calmer. And when I became calmer, this seemed to transfer to the dog and made the entire training and learning process much more fun and enjoyable for the both of us.

As I share some of these things with you that I learned, I believe they can be very effective whether your dog is digging holes in the yard, in the garden or flower bed, under the fence, or anywhere else.

As a matter of fact, I believe that what I have to show you will actually help with many different behavior problems you may be having with your dog.

So no matter how frustrated or discouraged you are today, I want you to know that there is a solution and I believe this solution will work for you and your dog in the shortest amount of time.

In my next post I will share some of the more specific things I learned before finally uncovering a secret in how to stop a dog from digging.